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Rural Residence

Space suspended in time that feeds on dreams and history

Stone surrounded by nature

The Farmhouse

Grazed by vegetable gardens and orchards, surrounded by hills on which villages rich in history are perched, The Farmhouse turns its gaze towards a vast and luminous valley that inspires calm and serenity.

Once the home of our grandparents, today The Farmhouse is a welcoming and renovated Rural Residence, the result of our dream of sharing a rural world made of authenticity and conviviality, based on the slow rhythms of life, molded on those of nature.

Here we cultivate and collect the fruits of the land to make artisan preparations that you will taste during your stay in our Rural Residence.

The grandparents' house

Restored keeping original elements

Nature and authenticity

A luxuriant vegetable garden and demonstrative orchard


Fragrances and places that make you feel good

The warmth of home in
verdurous Molise

A sense of peace and freedom, contact with nature and a family atmosphere make the Essentia Agrotourism the ideal place to always feel at home. Between a walk in the unexplored corners of Molise and the tasting of traditional flavors, we will immerse you in a genuine, simple and authentic reality. Our warm welcome and the beauty of the surrounding area will color your stay with curiosities, places and tastes to discover, experience and remember.


Retrieve the simplicity of the past and share it with you

“Essentia is not simply an agrotourism. Essentia is an invitation to (re) discover and share a different world and way of life: a rural world made of genuineness and conviviality. Our goal is to rediscover and share with our guests the Essence of that world as authentically as possible”.

So we brought the old family Farmhouse back to life by transforming it into a comfortable Rural Residence where we can relive our peasant culture, taste zero-km products, experience an ancient period which was dictated by the cycles of nature and offer hospitality in a rediscovered world where tradition, comfort and modernity coexist.

The beginning of the adventure
Green fields
Area of vegetable gardens and orchards
Varieties of ancient grains

From the roots to the future

Marina and Salvatore


Essentia Rural Residence is our dream come true. Understanding its origin is almost impossible: we no longer remember which one of us had the idea or when the idea was really born; we only remember that the desire to realize this project has been with us since childhood and our university studies, resulting in four university thesis and a Business Plan that marked the official start of this adventure. Dealing with the many difficulties has never been easy but thanks to the continuous support of our parents, we have not stopped. And so, today, the world of Essentia opens up to those who want to rediscover and share the cultural, gastronomic and naturalistic richness of our territory, through a journey that starts with the meticulous attention given to the genuineness of the primary products and culminates with a rediscovered relationship with nature.

Recensioni e Premi


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