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Flour obtained exclusively from the stone grinding of ancient grains, Saragolla, Senatore Cappelli and Solina varieties, of our production. Molise chickpea flour, grown as it once was in our fields, is also obtained by stone grinding.

In our fields we only grow ancient grains: Solina, Saragolla and Senatore Cappelli.
These cereals, thanks to their large size and their root system, that allow competition with weeds and the absorption of nutrients, present in the deeper layers of the soil, are particularly suitable for organic cultivation.
The wheat grains are sown a few meters from our agrotourism in the autumn and harvested in June with the use of combine harvesters. The wheat is then deprived of impurities, stored for short periods and taken to our trusted flour mill. Here the milling is carried out exclusively by stone: grinding all the caryopsis(endosperm, pericarp and germ), the nutritional principles such as starch, proteins, mineral salts, fibers and lipids and the organoleptic characteristics contained in the grain of wheat are preserved. From these processes we obtain wholemeal and semi-wholemeal flours with which we prepare tasty desserts, which we serve for breakfast, and our bread with mother yeast, with the flavors and aromas of the past. The semolina is transformed at an artisan pasta factory where, with pure Matese water, bronze dies and slow drying processes, at low temperatures, an unmistakable, rough textured pasta is obtained, which retains the sauce and preserves the flavors of the primary products.

All our products based on ancient grains have a reduced gluten content compared to modern grains which, on the one hand tends to lower the glycemic index and improves digestibility, especially in people with food intolerances, on the other hand it makes the processes of bread making and pasta making more delicate and tiring, but this is our "problem"...

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