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Sauces and preserves

Only tomatoes from Molise and zero preservatives. Our purée and our cored tomatoes are the fruit of our crops adjacent to the Agrotourism. Genuine primary products at km 0 for 100% traditional products.

Tomatoes are grown in the Essentia garden, just as our grandparents taught us, following the natural life cycle of vegetables.
In the spring the land is prepared and in May more than 3000 seedlings are planted by hand; the following months are dedicated to making them grow at their best, through hoeing, watering and natural fertilizations.
Between August and September, in several stages, only the tomatoes that reach the right degree of ripeness are harvested, strictly by hand, transported and processed within 24 hours in small but technological local laboratories.
The most delicate phases in obtaining high quality pureed and peeled tomatoes are the selection in the field, the careful choice of the product during washing and pasteurization in the laboratory.
The tomatoes are then chopped, blanched and pureed. Finally, the purée and the peeled tomatoes are bottled in glass and pasteurized to ensure their stability over time and to preserve their organoleptic qualities.
Only the best tomatoes become puréed and peeled Essentia.

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